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Online Virus Scanners
From time to time (approximately every 3 months) everyone should run a third party anti-virus scan for extra measure.

Eset Security
Bit Defender
Panda Security

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Q. What are your rates?
A. Our rates are: $80.00 for desktop support and $120.00 for server support.

Q. Can you clean a computer from all viruses?
A. Yes and no. The real problem with viruses, malware, spyware etc, is not a technical problem. It is a logical problem. Let's say you find a tech that swears to you up and down that he/she is the best tech in the world and can clean any virus. And let's say that the tech takes your computer and cleans the viruses. How does the tech or you know that the computer has cleaned the computer from viruses completely? Impossible to tell. Malicious code in viruses are made by very sophisticated criminals. With the whole intent that the virus not be found or removed. So you can never be 100 percent sure you've cleaned the computer.
More to come... please stay tuned.